Saturday, 5 December 2009

Anthony Shaw Collection.

Richard Lauder suggested I look at this during my tutorial session (26/11/09).
It would give me the opportunity to see examples of Gillian Lowndes pieces in the flesh.

Julie Major; mixed media sculptures.

'Blanch' 2009; plaster polymer, waxed felt.
 60cm x 60cm x 35cm.

Thanks Esmarelda for putting me onto this work; these pieces are fascinating. The way she has combinated metal, ceramic and fabric together is really successful, also the way she balances intense colour with neutral shades and with white. Very organic shapes and structures that suggest all sorts of things! Piercings with emergent elements that could be biological or part of an exotic plant or animal. The contrast between soft, yeilding surfaces and hard, sharp, aggressive forms creates the sort of tention I would like to achieve in my mixed-media pieces. 
It would be interesting to see them made on a larger scale.

(Top) 'Cherry Picking' 2009; plaster polymer, waxed felt, glass bead
126cm x 100cm x 24cm.

(Bottom) 'Sweet Spot' 2009; plaster polymer, fabric
42cm x 42cm x 22cm.

'Collar I' 2009 plaster polymer, fabric, gesso 
30cm x 30cm x 12cm.