Saturday, 20 February 2010

Key Ideas Symposium; Image 'Lightsurgeons'


This was a really interesting and thought provoking day. I was particularly struck by footage of Chris Allen's installation 'Dialog' (see link) which pushed my cognitive abilities to an uncomfortable extent because of the sheer speed with which a lot of the the aural and visual information was presented (dictated by the speed of the conversations and, at times heated debates on which the piece was based)! I had to work really hard to process it, to identify the links or anomalies between the language and the visual cues and start to construct/ recognise the 'new' language. It was a very peculiar experience to be conscious of your brain actually working, to be physically aware of the process... I wonder if anyone else felt the same? Is this how people with severe dyslexia or similar learning difficulties feel most of the time? If so the film could be a good tool for promoting an understanding of this and developing empathy between teachers and students. The imagery used had something very Martin Parr about it, very random and a bit cheesy, very funny, which I loved.

Also, it was helpful to be able to reference/reflect on the 'Image' related entries posted on the Key Ideas Blog after the symposium.
Thank you Mr Clifton.

Have seen the Lightsurgeons fantastic new installation for The Museum of London Sackler Hall a few times now; speeded up footage (not sure about the correct terminology for this), recording hundreds of locations in the sprawling metropolis over a 24 hour period, is juxtaposed with random facts and figures about London. Together they expose the idiosyncrasies of our beloved capital, and make for a mesmeric, fondly amusing and strangely comforting experience!
I really love this piece.