Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ernesto Neto; The Edges of the World. Hayward Gallery

Visited 4/09/2010.

Stretchy, tactile fun....  I loved the colours, interactivity and translucence of Horizon of events III. Lots of tubes to push your arms down, some narrower for greater resistance, some twisted to prevent you from pushing through to the other side! Spent a long time just watching and listening to other people. One woman, who moved with the elegance and poise of a dancer was photographing herself as she moved through the spaces. Children tangled themselves hysterically in a sea of vertical stretchy tubes, others lay around in womb-like, ventricular tents. The environment seemed to remove a lot of adult inhibition and strangers laughed spontaneously together at the strange playfulness of it all. I went on the second to last day so it was fairly busy, lots of exclamations, chatter and movement everywhere.
The form and construction of the various the layers and chambers were cleverly engineered to create some very beautiful and atmospheric structures; the most intriguing for me were at intersections, and in places where a number of layers and elements were being brought together.
In addition to the less complex stitching used to connect most components, there were joins made with a more visible and complex decorative lacing. This created subtle shifts in scale and detail, and influenced the surface qualities/tension of the mesh. I found this piece fascinating technically, but I'm not completely sure what I think about the installation as a whole.
Going to write this up with reference to interactivity and haptic experience.
Just wanted to pop this on now and get the ball rolling. These photos could be useful as I don't think mine are going to come out very well. They give a really good account of how people were using the installation and of the general mood... and yes, I regressed too!

My photos...

Holes & Tubes!

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